Why Student Accommodations are Great Investments

Statistics have revealed that there has been a 2% rise in the number of students that are attending UK universities for 2016 to 2017. This is a total increase of 2.32 million when compared to the figures of the previous academic year. There also seems to be an onward trend of growth when it comes to new students that are taking degrees. First-year students enrolled in postgraduate courses for the school year 2016- 2017 seem to have reached the highest point since its impressive figures in 2006-2007.

These figures signify the need for student accommodation as the demand has been going up since. According to Experience invest, a property specialist based in London, landlords are presently in the best position to invest in the best properties to take advantage of some impressive returns. Still, whether you are a first-time buyer or experienced landlord, it is advised that you consider several things first prior to making a purchase so you know that you get the most from the property.

Considerations such as the vest areas for investment and identifying what are the properties that would be most profitable to buy should be taken into account. One will also have to consider whether it is a good idea to have the property divided into several units and if it’s best to have a letting agent take care of its management too.

Landlords and businesses would want a decent return when it comes to buy-to-let property. This is why it matters that you know what you must do in order to enjoy a good yield. The good thing about student accommodation is that the purchase is usually very affordable. Also, if you intend to have many tenants in a single building, it is ideal for you to ask for a much higher rent.

The market for student lettings in the UK is flourishing, to say the least, with more than 2.32 million students that are studying in the country. Most purpose-built accommodation, though ideal for students, can be quite expensive. This is why many would consider a flat, a house, or an apartment.

There are usually different kinds of properties that will be available for you to buy. This is why a little research is recommended first. Most students prefer a place that is located closer to their university and their friends. Flats located along the outskirts of town might be so much cheaper as far as rent goes, but if a higher rent is what you are gunning for, then one in a location closer to the town center would be the more ideal choice.

Consider making the place into something that will resemble these students’ homes. A good way to ensure this is to get the properties fully furnished. A high-speed internet connection is certainly a critical factor and would add more appeal to the property. Rooms should at least be decent-sized too and if possible, should include both a bathroom and a kitchen. Comfortable bedrooms would make for a huge draw too.

When you decide to invest in a student accommodation, remember that there will always be a ton of competition out there. This is why it matters that your property has to have certain qualities that make it appealing to your target demographics. Learn more about the benefits of investing in student accommodation on the Experience Invest website, where you can also read Experience Invest reviews online.

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