What It Takes to Handle A League of Legends Account

The league of legends is a free-to-play game that is monetized from microtransactions carried out through in-game currency called Riot points. Through the in-game currency, a player can buy summoner icons, multi-game boosts, champion skins and such like features that are made available in the game. It is played through an RTS-like interface with a mouse and keyboard with the player having only direct or total control over his champion. It is one of the highest grossing multiplayer online battle arena games in the world and is based on the idea of destroying the opponents protected camp areas that are located within their base. This scenario that is offered is not ordinary since it features the perfect blend of fantasy and pop culture. The lol game has made it possible for a player to have team compositions that are virtually countless since it has over a hundred different champions to choose from. Though there might be few similarities between the mechanics of this game and other MOBA games, what makes it highly competitive is the game mode and its champions.

What Makes LOL Different

Reaching the highest level is not so easy so as a player you will be required to play numerous games and since coming out as a winner in each match that you will be playing is not guaranteed, the experience points that you have gained will be quite low. A match is designed to last on average between 20 to 60 minutes during which players are better placed to gain new skills and earn rewards that further determine their success in the game. The highest level in a league of legends that a gamer can reach is level 30 so when you buy league account level 30 you have made a huge step in advancing the levels.

Handling a verified account when you buy level 30 lol account is awesome as it comes with gifts attached to it. The gifts come in form of a huge amount of IP that will give you the opportunity to purchase numerous heroes of your choice for game variety or rune pages that can empower already owned heroes. Though quite unpredictable, this game goes beyond the champion abilities and looks at what items a player can buy for their chosen heroes. While champions are categorized into groups based on their statistics and powers, a champion can be built in different ways depending on the in-game items and customizable skill trees that are available.

Operating an unranked lol account, commonly referred to as unranked smurfs, will get you to play with and against experienced players who know what they are doing and can use their champions strength effectively without losing any of your already garnered points thus making this an experience that is worth spending your money on. As you play the game you will get to know that talents and points are given to players for free as their accounts level increases. The runes and rune pages, on the other hand, must be bought using the in-game currency known as IP (influence points).

Go out and buy lol account level 30 for you to enjoy all the benefits that accrue from having such an account.

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