Qualities of the Best Patio Umbrella for Wind

Shopping for a patio umbrella can prove trick especially if you are not familiar with umbrellas. Whatever the circumstances, a patio umbrella must add beauty as well as the necessary protection.

You buy umbrellas for protection from the sun, i.e. to provide the shade or protection from the rain. Either way, you need to get the best. When it comes to wind, you will need a stronger umbrella.

Best Patio Umbrella for Wind

Different styles of patio umbrellas exist in the market today. You have to consider the quality of the fabric used to build the umbrella, pole and rib material, type of the crank mechanism as well as the where you will place your patio umbrella.

Pole and Rib Material

The size as well as the material used to make the pole determines its stability. With aluminum material for the pole and flexible fiberglass ribs, you are assured of a sturdy patio umbrella. This combination of material makes an umbrella stand up to any strong winds. Such umbrellas are ideal for rooftops decks. Besides, the fiberglass material is vital in ensuring that the umbrella stays in one piece whatever the condition.

Still, others are made of steel hardware. For strength against the wind, the canopy must be held by at least eight ribs. This way, you are guaranteed an umbrella that is strong. Also, the poles come in various colors among the famous bronze.

Crank Mechanism

This system is essential in the opening and closing your umbrella. The crank system must be easy to operate as well as reach it. The best patio umbrella comes with a modification to either enable a tilt to the pole or a round button that to allow tilt. Tilting your umbrella is crucial as it helps you to place your shade carefully. The best patio umbrella for wind must have a crank mechanism because lowering the umbrella will extend its lifespan.

Quality of the Fabric

The fabric makes the canopy of the umbrella. The quality of material, diameter, and the color are very vital features to look for in an umbrella. To withstand wind, a fabric made of an acrylic canopy, while some have a modification of sunbrella fabric. Also, some have polyester fabrics. The above materials are sun resistant. The best canopy material should also be able to protect you from ultraviolet rays of the sun and should be able to clean.

Color is important as far as aesthetic value is concerned. The color matches the surrounding your environment. Among the colors available are green, orange and yellow among others.

When the canopy is large, it should be supported by stronger ribs and poles. Some umbrellas have sandbags to be used as bases. This makes them sturdy.


Getting the best patio umbrella for wind needs a critical look at the major components of an umbrella. This way you will have a stronger long lasting umbrella in your patio. Also, make sure that you read reviews.

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