FAQs for Mexico Car Insurance

Mexico has remained to be an exciting tourist destination for many people. Although there are many dangers that are involved with all types of foreign travel, you can reduce the risk by planning well.

The best way to keep your travel to Mexico safe is by getting Mexico Car insurance. Car insurance is very important as it covers all the damages in case of an accident and you will need one when traveling to Mexico by road.

If you are planning to visit Mexico and want to drive while you are in the country, here are FAQs about Mexico Auto Insurance that you may want to know:

Is it required by the law that I buy Mexico car insurance for traveling in Mexico?

While it is not a requirement by the law that you buy auto insurance for use in Mexico, it is recommended that you get one. This is a case where lack of law doesn’t indicate that you can forego buying car insurance before going to Mexico.

FAQs for Mexico Car Insurance-

Can my regular auto insurance cover foreign accidents?

Well, this varies from one policy to another. Although a few regular car insurance policies cover foreign travel, most don’t. Make sure that you check your current policy or speak to your insurance provider to determine this. Your policy should specify that your car is covered in Mexico. If not, then you will need to buy Mexico Car insurance from a reliable insurance provider before going to Mexico.

Where can I buy Mexico car insurance?

You can buy Mexico auto insurance from several insurance providers. Many people use the internet because of the convenience involved. You only need a computer and reliable internet connection to buy insurance online before heading to Mexico. You can also choose to buy your insurance in the border before entering Mexico. Some people prefer buying insurance from their travel agent, which acceptable.

Do most auto insurance policies also cover medical?

Some auto insurance policies pay for medical, but it all depends on the coverage you pay for. You should however note that this coverage only pays for expenses related to the car accident. For illness, you will need to buy a separate medical insurance policy.

These FAQs answers some of the questions you may be having about Mexico car insurance. Remember that it is important that you hire a qualified Mexican auto insurance provider.

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