60 Ways to Save Money Each Month

One day you finally get your salary and then next day, it’s all gone. There are times that you often wonder where your salary goes. Earning is hard and takes time while spending is very easy and fast. With all of these you often ask, “How can I save money each month?”

If you’re really determined to save, there are several ways to save money every month. Some of these are the following:

1. First Of All, Pay Yourself Before Anything Else

Before paying your bills and other expenses, set an amount of money for yourself. This will serve as your savings. The usual mindset is to pay everything at first and save for what will be left. But most of the time, nothing is left .There’s no savings at all.

2. Have Time To Check Bank Statement

Checking bank statement and how you can save each month matters. This will help a lot in saving money. It’s terrible to think where your money goes and how did you spend all of it just that.  Sometimes you know that you have so much to save with your monthly salary but you often lost track on how you spend it. Checking bank statement will lead you towards saving.

3. Utilize Your Wifi Carefully

Always note the data charges that you may have in your phone bills. You often use your cell phone and you are often unaware that your WiFi is turned off.  This is often the cause of having additional charges in your phone bills.

4. Use Money Budgeting App

With your saving goals, there are several money budgeting apps that you may use and download on your smart phones. It has distinct features where you are able to track or monitor how you spend each month.

5. Look For Discounts

Great deals at lower price will enable you to save money. There are companies that offer discounts   such in hotel, gym membership, cell phone dealings and others.

6. Instead Of Buying Coffee Make Your Own And Sip It At Home 

Just compute your total spending for a cup of coffee each day. If you can just make on your own, then practice doing it. At the end of the month, you’ll surely save for that.

60 Ways to Save Money Each Month

7. Download Coupon  Apps

This will help you to collect data regarding store discounts and have an easy time accessing it.

8. Choose Water Over Some Drinks and Beverages

Going to restaurants will enable you to spend more than you expected. Beverages can cost much. You can skip it and just choose water over it if you are in restaurants.

9. Always Check For The Price At Any Stores

You can try some alternative products, which have lower prices yet still good to purchase, than   the usual product you purchase, which is more expensive.

10. Don’t Buy At Once

Wait for a day until you buy it. With this, you’ll avoid spending on less important things.

11. Invest On Free Yet Beneficial Activities 

For exercise, hiking, having a long walk, picnic and others will make you save money.

12. Shop When It’s Not Peak 

Stuffs for Halloween, Christmas, New Year and other holidays will surely be expensive during the season. So, early purchase will enable you to save.

13. Save With Home Phone

You can cancel the service for home phone and just have service for your cell phone.

14. Switching Internet Service

If your current internet service doesn’t suits you, you can subscribe with another service provider that offers other beneficial deals.

15. Noting Television  Entertainment Provider

If you subscribed on comparatively high entertainment provider, you can try switching to more efficient and less cost subscription.

16. Your Utility Cost

Sometimes the only way to cut utility expenses is to limit service usage.

17. Investing On Affordable Yet Effective Prescription

To save, you can look for pharmacies offering affordable price yet with quality.

18. Noting Your Gas Consumption

You can choose to invest on cheaper gas station locally and look for gas coupons. That’s one way of saving.

19. Look For The Best Insurance Deals

Whether it is in your home insurance, auto or life insurance, you should look for great deals. Don’t just invest, weigh the offers of existing insurance.

60 Ways to Save Money Each Month20. Noting Property Taxes

Tax is a form of burden for most of you. There are times that the given tax weight on your home is quite incorrect. You can appeal with it and it will yield great savings for you.

21. Get Rid Of Mortgage Insurance

Removing mortgage insurance will give you vast opportunity to save.

22. Paying Online

Online payment is often more convenient and less expensive than mailing and others.

23. Membership In Gym

Gym membership will be an addition to your expenses. You can just put up your own gym in your house.

24. Enough Spending Money Without Even Thinking About It

Changing spending behavior is one key in successfully saving money each month.

25. Spending With Your Hobby

Having collections such as comic books and others will urge you to spend more money most especially if there’s latest edition on it. Cutting some of these expenses will enable you to save.

26. Limit Purchasing Gifts For Others

Natural givers have the tendency to spend more. Always note to limit this.

27. Don’t Pay For Whole Price For Nothing

Always remember that discounts, rebates and coupons do exist. Use them well.

28. Bank Fees

You should take note and avoid fees that are overdraft. Regularly reconcile your accounts and always be aware on how you spend.

29. Use Your Unused Rewards On Your Credit Cards

Some of you often overlooked your saved rewards. Make the most out of it and save.

30. Reduce Eating Out

Eating at home will be less expensive than eating outside. If you’re on your saving goals, don’t eat out that much.

31. Note You Gift Cards

Gift cards are beneficial and never let it stay in your wallet or drawer.

32. Be In Control In Getting Drinks

Get at least one up to two drinks and never dare drink all night. That would enable you to save money from it.

33. Don’t Be Overwhelmed With Sales Or Discounts

With too much excitement of products on sale, you often buy more than enough.

34. Be Aware Of Those Unknown Charges In Your Bills.

When you know that something is wrong in your bills or you’ve been overcharged, address it properly and make it right.

35. Limiting Purchasing Branded Products

These products often have high cost. If you are on tight saving goal, you can choose alternative products and save a lot at the end of the month.

36. Avoiding Purchases From Vending Machine

When your work becomes stressful you just buy to whatever store is nearer. Oftentimes it is the vending machine. Limiting the purchase of soft drinks, candies and others will surely take great part to your monthly expenses.

37. Purchase The Products That Don’t Spoil Early

You will save if you are buying products that will not easily spoil. In this, you will able to store it in your house longer.

38. Avoid Buying Through Your Impulse

You can be lured due to some attractive products. With that, you are buying through impulse and that’s not good thing for saving.

39. Distinguish Your Wants From What You Need

Weigh important thing from less important ones. This will effectively guide you towards your saving goals.

40. Avoid Purchasing Too Much Of None Important Things Such As Video Games, Books Or DVDs.   Most of the time you’d buy books that you aren’t able to read and DVDs that you aren’t able to view. It will just be a waste of money.

41. Ignoring The Cause Of High Bills

If you’ve observed that your bills are surprisingly high. Pay attention to it and find out why.  Through this, you will know the right thing to do to control your bill.

42. Cut Some Irrelevant Subscription And Membership

For example, cut your subscription on a particular magazine if you just rarely read it.

43. Do Your Laundry

Instead of relying on laundry shop, you can just wash your own clothes.

44. Grow Own Vegetables Instead Of Buying It

Having vegetables, fruits and root crops at home will enable to avoid purchasing expensive vegetables.

45. Prefer Good Affordable Stuffs Than New Expensive Ones

 In furniture, you can just choose to buy pre-used items that are still in good condition.

46. When Buying, Take Time To Ask For Possible Discounts

 If there’s possibility to spend less in whatever you spend, grab and do it.

60 Ways to Save Money Each Month47. Negotiating Rent

If you are renting, it’s better to negotiate first since you will be paying monthly. If you calculate, you will save great if your rent is less.

48. Buy For Quality

There are products that are of good quality and at the same time affordable. But if the product you want is really expensive, then invest on it. It will enable you to save more compared to buying cheapest yet weak products.

49. Know Your Goals And Stick With It

One best ways to save money every month is to know why you started saving. This will serve as your reminder.

50. Avoid Relying On Services If You Can Do The Task On Your Own

Wash your car instead of relying to car washing services.

51. Getting Rid Of Bad Habit

If you are a smoker, you can save great each month if you will start not to buy cigarettes. Avoiding too much of liquor would also greatly help.

52. Execute Strict Budgeting 

This means setting a measurable saving goal each month. Cut what needs to be cut and buy what needs to be bought.

53. If There’s Opportunity To Save, Grab It

For example in your snacks and lunch, instead of buying you can make your own.

54. In Transportation, Know Where You Can Get The Cheapest Fares

For example in airlines, it can cost a lot so it’s better to know what airline cost less fairs. You can also look for promos.

55. Cutting Some Of Your Monthly Bills

Whether it is on your phone bill, water bills or utility bills, you must monitor and reduce some usage in order to save.

56. Open A Savings Account

You can effectively earn and save each month if you put it in the right place, which is in banks. Be picky regarding your choice of accounts.

57. Do Some Alternative Options

When buying, you can just prefer an alternative products, which cost less yet functions the same.

58. Deduct The Cost Of Your Energy Usage

When you have an efficient heating system, you can have high energy bills in return. So, pay attention to it.

59. Know How You Spend

How to save money each month should begin with the awareness on how you spend. This will enable you to know your cash flow, your income and the amount you spend each month.

60. Choose To Stay Near your work Than To Travel Far

When working, choose to live near to it than traveling and spending a lot with your fare.  With that, you can just walk to reach your working area.

When you just think about how to save money each month, you achieve nothing. Don’t just wonder but start doing right things to achieve you plans. There are several ways to save money every month, you just need to try it and maintain focus. And here is how you can start work from home business with the money you have saved by following the above mentioned tips 🙂

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